Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Just became my favorite holiday!!!
Not because I'm a mom.
Or a "future mom" for that matter.
But because Mother's day is one of the TWO days we get to talk to our missionary!
(and I will be in Florida for Christmas, so I might only get this one time this year)

It was a rough go for Hermana Dana to find an internet café that had a good quality headset.
We originally planned for 2 PM, but didn't successfully talk to her until 9 PM. 
It was wonderful to see her face and hear her voice!
She spoke some Spanish to us, and we clapped like idiots afterwards. 
We are so proud of her! 

We talked about her new lifestyle,
she shared her frustrations about the language barrier,
and she told us about her tiny bunk-bed,
and the headless, featherless chickens that often occupy the dining table.
She made us laugh,
and she made me cry.

I've always seen the mom as the focus when a missionary leaves. 
I never anticipated that being the sister is just as tough.
I miss her, yet I don't want to tell her that too much.
Nothing like encouraging staying on a mission by saying "I miss you!", right?

I ams so proud of the work she is doing,
though she doesn't feel like she is doing much.
She can't see the improvement she's making,
probably because there's no one around her that speaks English well enough to tell her!

Press Forward In Faith, Sister Brown!

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