Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Final One Bites The Dust

Look at all those beautiful brown X's!!

I remember being handed this schedule the same day I found my dear friend, Eric, died.
And I remember scouring this schedule a week later, when my roommate announced that she was joining the army and leaving me with 3 full months of rent unpaid.
I remember calling my parents and planning my early move home after lecture classes ended early March.

Even though some days were filled with sad and heart wrenching memories,
most days were filled with laughs, hugs, and encouragement.
I will always look back on this semester as the most fulfilling four months of my life.

I remember staring at that calendar thinking the days were moving too slowly,
yet at the same time the days were flying by!

I am here, the day before graduation, thinking
"Am I really ready to be a nurse?"
I know the answer is a yes,
because I've been waiting for this day all my life.
But I also wonder if I'll ever be completely ready to be a nurse.

Regardless of my feelings...
Ready or not...
Tomorrow is graduation day

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