Sunday, April 13, 2014


Today was my first rotation at a big-city hospital. I was supposed to start yesterday, but I was given the day off to go to my aunt's memorial. I'm staying at my grandparent's house, so my drive to the hospital was just under 10 minutes, which is pretty stinking awesome!

I had a great day caring for patients, and the nurse I was assigned to looked just like my old roommate, Stephanie. She was so nice, and let me do a lot of stuff by myself.

Funny story:

I can't lip read. Here's a real-life example. After a few frustrating minutes of trying to talk to a patient who couldn't speak, they started to distinctively mouth each letter of the word. C.R.A.P
Me: crap?
Patient: looks a bit amused, and shakes their head
Me: crab? Do you want crab for dinner?
Patient: shakes head harder. Mouths C.R.A.P again, but this time I realize there's an E at the end
Me: oh, crepe? Do you want crepes?
Patient: starts to look really upset, and shakes their head (we've been at this for at least 5 minutes now)
Me: crapĂ©? (Sounds a lot like frappĂ©) 
Patient: forcefully mouths each word, with noticeable vocal sounds
Me: GRAPE! Do you want a grape popsicle?!
Patient: gives me a look that says "you are an idiot", but vigorously nods a yes

So they got a grape popsicle, and I felt like an idiot.


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