Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DCP Process- schedule a phone interview

On Friday night, around 11 PM, I got my Schedule Your Phone Interview email, but I was way too tired to even look at the details. I waited until Saturday morning at work to open the email, and I followed the link to the scheduling page. Boy, waiting was a BAD IDEA! There were two days  out of an entire month that still had interview openings! Geeze! 

I picked this Thursday for my interview, and I had the option of 7:00 AM, a bunch of slots during class time, and then the next opening was 7:45 PM. So I begrudgingly took that slot and signed myself up for a day full of anxiety and impatient thoughts. I have to wait until practically my bedtime to do my interview! (Don't judge my sleeping habits… I'm a nursing student… sleep is precious)

So ladies and gentleman, learn from me. When you get the scheduling email, open it right then and pick a time! You'll thank me when you have a plethora of dates and times to pick from.

In sad news, my best friend, Leslie, did not make it past the online interview, so if I make it into the program, I will be going alone. This has put quite a damper on my overview of his experience, because I was so looking forward to our adventures together back in Florida.
I hate curveballs sometimes.


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