Thursday, February 13, 2014

DCP Process- phone interview

Well, I just got off the phone with Brandon, my Disney interviewer. It's always such a confusing moment right after you hang up. You start to wonder if you did well, if they liked you, what you could have done better. It's stressful! But thankfully it is 100% out of my hands now. I'm at peace knowing I tried, and the rest is up to Heavenly Father and Disney.

The interview lasted 20 minutes exactly. The guy spoke so quickly I almost had a hard time matching his energy. He asked questions about why I wanted to do another program, my work experience, my ability to get things done on time, and a few other things. I answered them easily, and used a lot of nursing school examples. I will be honest, I paced through my entire apartment, I just could not sit still! He explained the logistics of the application, wished me luck, and we hung up. 

The only unsettling thing about the interview was every time I answered his question, there would be this long pause, followed by an "okay" that almost sounded forced… I'm probably overanalyzing this already.

So now I wait for my email from Disney, which will lead me to select an arrival date, or end my application process. Good luck to everyone applying!


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