Friday, February 7, 2014

DCP Process- Online Interview

I know I posted earlier this morning.
I just got an email asking me to do the online interview,
so I did!
Funny thing is the exact same thing happened last time I applied.
I turned in my application, and did the online interview in the same day.

So the online interview is all about your personality.
It asks about personality type, things you value in a school, your work ethic, and your values.
It's just a lot of question reading and answering.
point, click, point click.

And the nice part is, at the very end of the interview, it tells you wether or not you are a good candidate. If the computer decides you aren't a good match for the program, it tells you right there, and you stop the application process. If you're a good match, you get the following message on the screen:

Congratulations - you have been identified as a strong candidate! Your next step is to schedule a phone interview. You will have the ability to schedule your interview appointment in approximately 24 hours.

I have heard there are two different types of candidates: strong, and good. I don't know if this is actually true or not, because with both applications I've been a strong candidate, and I've never met anyone who said they were a good candidate. But the rumor continues.

Now I will wait to schedule my phone interview, where they suggest you use a landline and a quiet place. Unfortunately I don't have a landline, but I certainly have that quiet place! Wish me luck!


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