Friday, February 7, 2014

DCP Process- Application

It's official, guys.
I just started my application!

It started with me applying on the Disney College Program website. You set up an account, or in my case, log in to an existing account after 2 years of never looking at it. Thank heavens for the password reset button! Then it took me to a very basic, straightforward application.

They asked my contact info, social security number, school, and work history.
Then they ask you about the DCP options. 
I indicated I was interested in Florida's program, and then indicated my level of interest in every single College Program role. I will be honest, last time I put some degree of interest on almost everything. This time around, because I'm in a vastly different place, I put high interest on two roles, moderate interest on about 6 roles, and no interest in everything that I absolutely wasn't interested in. 
That may be my downfall, but it also could be my saving grace.

So that's the application!
Now I will wait for an email from the program inviting me to do the online interview, or tell me I'm not a good fit for their needs this year.
I'll let you know how the rest of this goes!


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