Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{Arequipa Peru}

My little sister decided to be a full-time missionary last year.
Today, she flew to Peru to start that mission.
I wasn't able to see her off at the airport, because I had a test and presentation in class. 

But I sent her with a letter to read on the airplane instead…
and boy was it long-winded. 
But I hope it was a positive start to her mission.

So for the next 18 months,
She will spend her time teaching the gospel,
and I will spend my time missing her dearly.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

DCP Process- phone interview

Well, I just got off the phone with Brandon, my Disney interviewer. It's always such a confusing moment right after you hang up. You start to wonder if you did well, if they liked you, what you could have done better. It's stressful! But thankfully it is 100% out of my hands now. I'm at peace knowing I tried, and the rest is up to Heavenly Father and Disney.

The interview lasted 20 minutes exactly. The guy spoke so quickly I almost had a hard time matching his energy. He asked questions about why I wanted to do another program, my work experience, my ability to get things done on time, and a few other things. I answered them easily, and used a lot of nursing school examples. I will be honest, I paced through my entire apartment, I just could not sit still! He explained the logistics of the application, wished me luck, and we hung up. 

The only unsettling thing about the interview was every time I answered his question, there would be this long pause, followed by an "okay" that almost sounded forced… I'm probably overanalyzing this already.

So now I wait for my email from Disney, which will lead me to select an arrival date, or end my application process. Good luck to everyone applying!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DCP Process- schedule a phone interview

On Friday night, around 11 PM, I got my Schedule Your Phone Interview email, but I was way too tired to even look at the details. I waited until Saturday morning at work to open the email, and I followed the link to the scheduling page. Boy, waiting was a BAD IDEA! There were two days  out of an entire month that still had interview openings! Geeze! 

I picked this Thursday for my interview, and I had the option of 7:00 AM, a bunch of slots during class time, and then the next opening was 7:45 PM. So I begrudgingly took that slot and signed myself up for a day full of anxiety and impatient thoughts. I have to wait until practically my bedtime to do my interview! (Don't judge my sleeping habits… I'm a nursing student… sleep is precious)

So ladies and gentleman, learn from me. When you get the scheduling email, open it right then and pick a time! You'll thank me when you have a plethora of dates and times to pick from.

In sad news, my best friend, Leslie, did not make it past the online interview, so if I make it into the program, I will be going alone. This has put quite a damper on my overview of his experience, because I was so looking forward to our adventures together back in Florida.
I hate curveballs sometimes.


Friday, February 7, 2014

DCP Process- Online Interview

I know I posted earlier this morning.
I just got an email asking me to do the online interview,
so I did!
Funny thing is the exact same thing happened last time I applied.
I turned in my application, and did the online interview in the same day.

So the online interview is all about your personality.
It asks about personality type, things you value in a school, your work ethic, and your values.
It's just a lot of question reading and answering.
point, click, point click.

And the nice part is, at the very end of the interview, it tells you wether or not you are a good candidate. If the computer decides you aren't a good match for the program, it tells you right there, and you stop the application process. If you're a good match, you get the following message on the screen:

Congratulations - you have been identified as a strong candidate! Your next step is to schedule a phone interview. You will have the ability to schedule your interview appointment in approximately 24 hours.

I have heard there are two different types of candidates: strong, and good. I don't know if this is actually true or not, because with both applications I've been a strong candidate, and I've never met anyone who said they were a good candidate. But the rumor continues.

Now I will wait to schedule my phone interview, where they suggest you use a landline and a quiet place. Unfortunately I don't have a landline, but I certainly have that quiet place! Wish me luck!


DCP Process- Application

It's official, guys.
I just started my application!

It started with me applying on the Disney College Program website. You set up an account, or in my case, log in to an existing account after 2 years of never looking at it. Thank heavens for the password reset button! Then it took me to a very basic, straightforward application.

They asked my contact info, social security number, school, and work history.
Then they ask you about the DCP options. 
I indicated I was interested in Florida's program, and then indicated my level of interest in every single College Program role. I will be honest, last time I put some degree of interest on almost everything. This time around, because I'm in a vastly different place, I put high interest on two roles, moderate interest on about 6 roles, and no interest in everything that I absolutely wasn't interested in. 
That may be my downfall, but it also could be my saving grace.

So that's the application!
Now I will wait for an email from the program inviting me to do the online interview, or tell me I'm not a good fit for their needs this year.
I'll let you know how the rest of this goes!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Unexpected Hesitancy

I know I just posted that I am planning to apply for another DCP, but the applications opened up today, and I'm suddenly really freaked out/ stressed about applying. I don't understand why! I have looked forward to going back to Disney since the day I left, yet here I am, worried that I shouldn't apply.

This is going to take some serious prayer tonight and a long phone call with my mom. I'm sure in the morning everything will be okay and I'll start the application process. But tonight, I'm going to pretend it's still not open.

What is my problem?! Seriously!