Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sun & Good Food

Want to know what I had for breakfast my first morning in the Gold Coast? Chocolate Tim Tams, Milo and Coco Pops (the most sugary cereal in Australia, though it doesn't touch Coco Crispies). So I basically ate sugar for breakfast... I felt right at home. We threw on our swim suits and walked to the beach and spent quite a few hours on the sand, just laying in the sun. Thank heavens for the sunscreen, because that sun was hot! Crazy how it's freezing in Melbourne, yet warm and sunny up here. 

Eventually we got hungry, but neither of us had brought our wallets to the beach, so we quickly walked back to our place. Our place really is super close to the ocean, it's so nice and convenient! Sharleen was adamant we get kababs, which are sandwich wraps here, instead of skewered chicken on the grill. I am so glad she insisted, because they were SO GOOD! Oh my gosh, we didn't talk as we sat on the beach, because we were both focused on chewing and swallowing down the most amazing wrap known to man. We decided to try out the pool on the roof of our hotel after lunch, only to find out it wasn't heated, at all. Crazy Sharleen actually got all the way in the water, and I sat on a lounge chair and laughed at the hilarious faces she pulled.

 We were too stuffed for dinner, so we ended up snacking on Tim Tams and Boost Cadbury candy bars and watching movies until bedtime.
Yesterday we skipped breakfast because we had planned to do the Sling Shot that was a few blocks away from our hotel. It was super fun, but I was disappointed how short it was. We walked back to our place and Sharleen made rice paper wraps with steak marinated in this brown sugar-garlic-soy sauce marinade. Oh man it was delicious! We ate all the steak and almost all the stuffing ingredients in one sitting. We threw on our swim suits again, but only spent a few minutes on the beach because the sun disappeared and it got really cold, really fast.  

We tried the sauna on the roof of our hotel after our failed beach trip. It was both our first time inside one, so we really had no idea what on earth we were doing. Once it started getting hot, we realized being hot and lightheaded was lame, so we left pretty quickly. Back in the room I noticed another pool from our balcony that had been hiding on the second floor. We were thrilled to discover it was a heated pool and hot tub, so we jumped in and swam around until we got hungry, so we baked a lasagna in our fully stocked kitchen. We headed back out to the beach to check out a cool looking market that had sprung up on the sidewalk. I had my very first macaroon (which was delicious) and we bought 4 tubs of fresh strawberries. They were so good! Sharleen got hungry around 11 PM, so we went back out and she got herself a meat pie. I would have gotten myself one too, but I had just stuffed myself full of strawberries.

Today we checked out of our hotel at 10, and threw our luggage in their storage and headed back to the beach.

 I was determined to actually get in the water before we left the Gold Coast. It was a beautiful warm morning when we got there and we staked out our spot on the sand. We brought our leftover strawberries with us, and we gobbled them up before the sun ruined them.

 Some annoying teens sat right above us even though there weren't any other people on the beach. We moved our towels and eventually wandered into the water. It was FREEZING cold, and Sharleen could not stop laughing at me. Serves me right from yesterday I guess. I slowly adjusted to the water, and after a while I was loving swiming around in the salty ocean waves. I miss beaches so much!
Eventually Sharleen's parents met us to bring us back home, but we had a picnic on the sand, played in the ocean and got Ben & Jerry ice cream before leaving. Her parents are super nice, I'm pretty sure we sat and talked for 2 hours over our lunch. It was great. I'm pretty sure I have a sunburn, but I will see how bad it is tomorrow when I wake up. 
So now we are back at Sharleen's parent's house, and we are going to watch a movie and eat some dinner. This has been such a great trip so far!! 

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