Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm Not In Melbourne Anymore...

Yesterday was so lazy, it's not much to blog about. I slept in and then Skyped mom for about an hour. I went shopping with Naomi and her little sister, and I was so shocked to see the price of the clothes in Australia! Man, H&M here I come! After shopping we went back to her house, and I got to go to the MELBOURNE TEMPLE to do baptisms! It was such a cool experience to be in a temple on the other side of the world. I was there from 7-8:30 with about 10 other members from the Melbourne area. Definitely an amazing way to finish up my stay in Melbourne. Naomi picked me up and we ate really yummy fish loaf soup for dinner and talked until we fell asleep.

Today, Naomi woke me up to eat breakfast with her before work. We talked and talked, and she ended up leaving for work a little later than expected. I packed my stuff and weighed it to see if I would make the 22 Lb weight limit... my bag weighed 12 Lbs, guys. That's master packing if I do say so myself. Her mom treated me to lunch at Hungry Jack's, which is acutally Burger King, just a billion times better. They flame grill their burgers, and we waited almost 10 minutes to get our order because they were each grilled right then. 
After lunch it was time for my flight, so off we went to the Tullamarine airport for my flight to Brisbane. The flight was delayed an hour, so by the time I landed in Brissy, I was starving. Sharleen and her boyfriend, Matthew were there to pick me up, and it was off to the Gold Coast to our hotel on the beach. We stopped at McDonald's because we were all really hungry. On the way there, we had to go through a routine pullover thingy where cops check your driver's license and do a breath test. Apparently it's super common in that area, but I was still in the backseat a little freaked out. The lady cop welcomed me to Brisbane, and we went on our way.

So now Sharleen and I are lounging in our nice little holiday hotel called The Cosmopolitan, and Sharleen tells me the beach is literally a few hundred feet away. It's dark, so I'll take her word for it. We grabbed some supplies for food for the next few days at the Woolsworth grocery store, and Matthew just left to head back home. I'm excited for the beach tomorrow!!!

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