Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Survivor Day

Five years ago to the date, I had brain surgery. It was the scariest experience/trial/moment of my life. In the end, I came out stronger, and better because of it. I survived.
I am so grateful for today.
I've taken a lot of time today to think on these past five years,
and they have been, without a doubt, the most incredible years of my life.

This was me, 5 years and one day ago, the day before I went into the hospital. 

I had just finished my Junior year.
I had so many plans for my future, but I was worried if I'd ever make it there.

I remember every second of the week I spent in the hospital.
The tear-inducing moment when my surgeon shaved off my hair

The really horrendous pictures my mom insisted on taking with everyone.

The not so horrendous pictures where I actually felt like a human again.

Having the hardest time falling asleep, and then finally finding the perfect angle to rest my head, and immediately falling asleep. 

And I'll never forget the Medusa look I had going for an entire week.
I was one good looking patient.

And of course, I'll always have my scar to remind me.

And here it is in full color. If you're squeamish, don't scroll.
Or at least scroll real fast.

I feel like I was living one life pre-surgery,
and I'm living a completely different life post-surgery.

Pre-surgery I was a perfectly normal person,
but I feel I took life for granted.
I didn't realize just how good my life was.

But now I'm a different, more grateful person.
I am so grateful for the vision that I do have.
I'm grateful that I function normally, and that people don't realize my medical history.
Every day has meaning now, because I'm lucky to be alive.

Today is my Survivor Day.
I am strong.
I am special.
I am loved.
I am completely happy.


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  1. Wow, that's amazing! Thanks for sharing. I think you are an amazing person and you deserve to be completely happy.