Monday, July 8, 2013

my last summer semester

Last Tuesday was the first day of Summer 2013 semester, and even though class is 4 hours, it was really nice to be back with the class and to finally have a purpose again. Class is going to be a good pace, and homework seems to be manageable. I'm so happy to see some of the for-sure changes and some of the in-the-works changes that are coming with the new program director.

First and foremost, NANDAs (a large, intensive, very specific paper on one patient every week) may be receding in our program. It's not a definite change, but even knocking down the number of them we have to write would be so, so wonderful! We have a new guy in our program that got his LPN at a technical college in the Provo area, and when the program director mentioned NANDAs, he asked what they were! Oh we were all so jealous that he had never written one!! Hopefully NANDAs become nonexistent. I would be very thrilled with that.

One change that I am very excited about is our clinical name badges. Our LPN year, it was a simple paper tag with our name and picture, that had been laminated and hole punched. This year, our badge will be plastic, similar to our student IDs around campus. It will help us look more polished and professional while at the hospital, and they won't bend near as easily.

We were going to change our scrubs from these awful barber looking tops into something more... realistic, but due to a signed contract with the maker of the below atrocities, we are stuck with them for one more year.

Seriously, buttons? Who puts buttons on a scrub top? Come on.

The most important change is that my name badge will read Courtney Brown, LPN, and that kinda makes me want to happy dance around the house. I'm a nurse!!!

I like good changes.

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