Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Licensed Practical Nurse

I woke up this morning and almost immediately hopped online to see if my name was posted on the Department of Professional Licensing website. If I had passed the NCLEX, the company that runs the test would have contacted Utah to tell them I am certified to be a licensed nurse. Then DOPL would have assigned me a license number, and posted my information online.
This is kinda the cheater's way of finding out if you passed.

So I rolled out of bed, changed into my gym clothes, and hesitantly typed my name into the DOPL search bar.
To find this.

The most beautiful thing I've ever read in my entire life.
Courtney Alisa Brown, Nurse.

Which means I can technically start signing my name
Courtney Brown, LPN.

I passed the NCLEX!
I'm finally a NURSE!

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