Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life Happenings

Well, I may look back on this year and laugh at my stupidity. 
As you know, I'm in nursing school.
You know, fulfilling a life long dream and all.
But I've recently added a second job to my schedule, 
which I'm really excited about!
I'm working as a nurse (LPN)
for a family practice here in Price, and so far it's great.
But to add to my two jobs,
I was just called as the Relief Society 1st Councilor.
Which means I've got heaps of responsibility in my church group.
But, I know I can handle it.
I can do hard things!

So now I'm good and busy, 
and it's probably good practice for being an actual adult.
I'll keep you posted on how crazy busy life gets!

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