Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vacation pt 3, Cars Land!

Yup, a post dedicated entirely to the amazingness of California Adventure's Cars Land. It's A.Mazing.

Incredible, no? Wait till you see it in the dark, all lit up!

I just could not believe it. It was so beautiful!

Cars Land is really fantastic. It's amazing how, well, accurate it is! Buildings are the exact same as the movie!  The 2 rides we went on, Luigi's flying tires and Radiator Springs Raceway were really great rides! We ended up riding the raceway as single riders every time, and as I think about it, we rode most of all the rides as single riders. I guess that shows how 'adult' we all are, riding alone.

It was a really wonderful day at The Place Where Dreams Come True!
Can't wait to go back!
Well, I can't wait to go back to Disney World, really.
'Cause I left my heart there.


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  1. I wasn't really much of a fan of Cars as a movie, but Cars Land looks exactly like it does in the film and that is pretty cool! How incredibly exciting to be back at Disney. So jealous!