Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vacation pt 2, Disneyland Anyone?

Of course, if I'm in California, I'm going to be constantly thinking about The Place Where Dreams Come True. And believe me, I thought of that magical place constantly. At Nate's fencing competitions, on the freeway, in the hotel, at dinner, it was like an infection of the mind. (A very, very good and happy infection of course)

Sunday night we wandered down to Downtown Disney for Earl of Sandwich goodness. It brought back so many good memories of Leslie and I getting a quick lunch together in Florida.

Being so close to the parks was such torture!! We spent a few minutes at the Lego store, where mom blew quite the amount of money using my Disney employee discount, and of course, I snapped some pictures of the amazing Disney Lego creations.

So Monday morning rolls around, and I'm so excited for Disney that I woke up at 5 AM, then finally allowed myself to get out of bed to get ready. We were off a few hours later so we could make it at (almost) park opening. Honestly, I didn't take a ton of pictures, because I've been to Disneyland so incredibly much in my lifetime.

We bought park hoppers, so our day was pretty hectic. Run to this ride, run here, run to the other park, etc. But honestly, it was such a good day. Really honestly truly, a wonderful day.

And that's really the extent of the non-scenery pics I took. I just now decided I'll save Cars Land for a different post. There's lots and lots of pics!


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