Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

I thought my Memorial Day would be boring and uneventful, because I live alone... instead I had a really good day!

My ward started the day with a service project at a small waterfall about 30 minutes from my house. It required ATV's to get there, which explains why i've never been before. The new high school graduates must have partied it up there this past week, because there were beer cans and bottles all over the place. We all loaded up with thick plastic gloves and trash bags and went to work. My attempts at keeping my nice tennies clean lasted about 10 minutes, and soon enough they were covered in mud. Gross.

After getting everything cleaned up, we played in the waterfall and sat in the sun.We all headed back via ATV to our cars which were parked a few miles away. I was riding with one of the councilors in the bishopric, and he offered us a ride all the way back to the institute building in his ATV. We played around in the sand dunes for at least an hour before driving back to where my car was parked.

Then I had 30 minutes to clean up and head to a friend's for a BBQ in his backyard. We all sat around outside munching on hot dogs, chips and Oreos. I love eating food with friends! After the barbecue we went to a Mavericks gas station for Icee Creams. It's a combination of any flavor of Icee and vanilla ice cream. It looked disgusting at first, but tasted delicious! At about 12 we called it a night, and we all went our separate ways.

Pretty good day full of service and friends!

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