Sunday, April 21, 2013

Words of Encouragement

On a non-nursing related tangent, I've gotten a few letters lately with some really wonderful words of encouragement and love. Because I'm such a big fan of keeping as little paper clutter as possible, I've decided to put them on here so I have access to them forever.

Obviously this post is more for me than it is for you. This is my online journal after all :)

Sister Mantz is the Institute choir director, and I got this note from her a few weeks ago. It's been sitting on my desk, so I'm anxious to get it off my work space.
Courtney, This is the girl with the beautiful smile and equally beautiful voice. on the days you come to choir, our sound becomes rich and full in the soprano section. i hope you're willing to share this gift, oh how we need a powerful soprano section for some of our songs! i promise it will bless your life and all who hear you. 
 Quite a while ago, I went to a relief society activity with my mom when I was home over spring break. We had a dinner, and we all passed around cards with a person's name on it, and we wrote some of their talents anonymously. I didn't know a few of the women at the table, so I think they just copied what others had written, but here's the random list I got on my card.
Open to new things. Generous in sharing with others. Gift of being a good student. I can see how much you love your family. compassion. Beauty. Strength. endurance through trials. Love of learning. kindness, knowledge, endurance, joyful, talented. Kind, patient  loving, thoughtful, spiritual, helpful and dedicated.  
With this being my last week of school for my LPN year, it's nice to have a few happy words to dwell on while I head into final exam stress!


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