Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life Plans

I'm kinda funny. Maybe I'm not the only one on this, though. I'm very big on life plans. As a kid, my life plan was to be a nurse and a  mom. I'm working on one of those, and being patient on the other.

As of late, I make a life plan, get really, really, really excited about it, and end up tweaking it, or completely changing it a few days or weeks later.

My first dramatic life plan was to go to Florida over summer, to get all my hours in to stay seasonal with Disney. Then I reluctantly accepted reality, and decided to do another College Program after nursing school graduation. Then, I tweaked that plan to include permanently moving to Florida, and working as a nurse full time, and as a character when I felt like it.

While that's till a fantastic, and very possible life plan, I'm starting to tweak it again. I think what I've learned recently is to be open to living life. Go wherever Heavenly Father leads me. Take the opportunities, go travel a bit, heck, maybe even get married.

What I'm trying to say here is I finally figured out I don't need a life plan to live my life.

I't a freeing feeling, knowing I don't have to have a set plan.



  1. If you do the College Program again, I will come and visit you!!

    Goals are helpful but it's okay if they change! In any case, I know there is a grand adventure ahead of you and that the Lord is directing your steps :) Proverbs 16:9

    Excited to hear about what comes next! x

    1. Most definitely! :D
      One goal that hasn't changed is my trip to AUSTRALIA!! I'm gonna make it happen! :D

    2. Can't wait to have you over!

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