Monday, April 29, 2013

Let's Check Off Spring 2013

I almost can't believe it! I'm done with my LPN year!

 Look at all those beautiful blue X's through 4 months of hard work!
This past month was like a mine field of tests and papers and ceremonies.
Our kitchen calendar proves that.

I've started posting stuff around my room to get me through those rough days,
but this magnet bought for me by my mom is probably my favorite.
I think it's become my mantra.

So excited to continue to the RN program with these people!! 
(Top row) Trent, Karen, Adam, Andy, Madi, Jen
(Middle row) Me, Stephanie, Lindsey, Brooke, Brooke, Ashlyn, Julie, Mikka
(Bottom row) Reanne, Celessta, Jisoo, Sarah, Catherine, Nicole, Rhonda

Pinning ceremony was nice, and it was so good to see my family down in Price, 
Instead of me up in Salt Lake!

Now I get to enjoy my short summer, and focus on this intimidating application

 Here I come, NCLEX!
Don't know when exactly, 
But I'll be kicking your trash around the month of June!


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