Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm In!!

     Here at Utah State University- Eastern, the nursing program is divided into two different programs. The first year is the LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) program, and the second year is the ADN (Associate Degree Nurse) program.
     Getting accepted into the LPN program does not guarantee acceptance into the ADN program. Some people choose to stop schooling after getting their LPN, others get their LPN, then go to different universities to finish their degree. The only other program in Utah that accepts LPN status is Weber, and their program is online. I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to move to a different school to finish my degree, but when I found out the program was online based... I changed my mind. I need to be in physical class, I know myself too well.
     So the ADN application was due a few Friday's ago, and I was stressed out, to say the least. I only applied here, I didn't even bother with Weber, so I was so worried that I wouldn't get accepted, and I wouldn't know what to do with myself for an entire year.
     The professors met together yesterday to select the ADN students. It was a point system, so my name wasn't on my application for the teachers to be swayed either way. I had worked this entire semester to be a great student so the teachers would pick me for the next year, so when I found out it was anonymous, I was worried I wouldn't be selected.
     So, day after mailing out the acceptance (and rejection) letters, I ask my roommate to go check the mail for our letters. She texts back (I was home for the weekend) saying the letters were, in fact, already at our apartment. She opens hers and texts me excitedly that she got in. I ask her to open mine, because there was no way I could wait the rest of the weekend to know my fate. A few (painfully, torturous, long ) minutes later she responds with "YOU"RE IN!"
     So, dear readers, I'm in! I will graduate from nursing school in May, 2014. One more year here in this tiny town, and i'm free to go wherever I want, and work in whatever hospital, on whatever floor I want. I am so excited! I'm so happy my life long dream is so close to happening, it gives me all these excited feelings in my stomach.

~Courtney (RN in 2014)

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