Friday, April 26, 2013

A Week of Music

You know, I've grown up around music.I started choir in 8th grade, did Women's Choir as a Sophomore,  Jazz and A Capella as a Junior, and Madrigals as a Senior.
Then I graduated high school.
And went 3 years without choir.

I was focusing on school, pre-nursing classes, finding a balance between spending and earning money.
It was good, and I made it a point to sing around the house and in the car.

The beginning of this semester, I looked at what I was doing with my life
(nursing school and work)
and realized I needed, and had the time to add choir. So I did.

Every Monday I've spent an hour singing church songs, and it's been wonderful.
We had our one and only performance today, and it was so, so nice to sing in public!

On Monday I was sitting in the Institute library when my friend, Alex popped her head in and told me she was going to an audition for a musical showcase. She said it was an open audition and that she was super nervous. I asked if anyone could try out and she said yeah. So I, in some odd and crazy lapse of judgement, grabbed old music from my memory and went with her and auditioned. 

I sang Taylor, the Latte Boy from memory (without messing up a single lyric) 
and got 'in' to the showcase. The theatre director asked me where I had been all this year, 
and when I said that I was in nursing school he responded "but you could have been my lead in next year's musical!"

That was a nice pat on the back, for sure!
So I auditioned Monday, practiced once Tuesday, and performed Wednesday.
It was. Awesome.

It was so amazing to get up on a stage, feel that spotlight shine on me, and sing my heart out!
Yay for musical weeks!

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