Sunday, March 31, 2013

Grateful On Easter

Instead of focusing on the miracle of Christ's resurrection,
I'm going to focus on the miracles Christ is working currently in my life.

His resurrection was truly a miracle.
But He's not done working miracles.
He and Heavenly Father will never cease to amaze me.

Back when I was at USU, I took chem 1110, 
but their curriculum didn't include the 1115 lab. 
My teacher just did experiments in class, and class was 4 days a week. 
After getting accepted to the nursing program down here,
I noticed a paper saying I needed 1110 and 1115.
I knew I didn't have that chem 1115 class, and I figured I'd have to take it
over summer, down at SLCC.
I checked with the director, and she confirmed my fear. 
But then I checked with the soon-to-be director,
mostly because I needed to know the summer semester schedule
so I could schedule my lab with SLCC.
She gave me this confused look when I told her my situation,
and said she'd get back to me on the 1115 class.
Guess what, ya'll that USU prefix saved me.
I don't have to take chem lab over the summer!

On Friday, I took a computer test that determines 
the possibility of passing the NCLEX-PN
(PN is practical nurse, btw)
I had been stressing about it all week.
My practice test's result was horrid.
But the results of the actual test?
97% pass rate!
AKA: It's almost guaranteed I'm going to pass!

Hope you're having a good Easter Sunday.

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