Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{the weirdest things make me happy}

I've had this mental 'to accomplish in nursing school' list. It's not numbered or anything, and things get added and taken off all the time.

Today, I catheterized a patient.

Check that right off the list!

I was standing in the nurses station when Celessta walked by and mentioned she was going to do a straight cath, so I immediately asked if I could watch. It's stuff like this that's going to give me vital knowledge, so I jumped at the chance to watch an actual catheterization. The nurse walks by and asks which student nurse is doing the cath, and I look at Celessta expectantly. She doesn't say anything, so I shoot my hand in the air.
"Me! I'm doing it!"
So I did.

And I got it on the first try.

Oh, and BTW, the urine was the most concentrated, sediment-filled stuff I've ever seen. It. Was. Awesome.

Sorry guys. This is a medical blog after all.


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