Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dear Naomi,

     If my dad hadn't overnighted my Social Security card to me the first day of my program... I may have never met you. And it makes me so grateful he was willing to do that for me, because I can't imagine not having you in my life! I am so grateful that you left Australia, and I left Utah, and we both got put together in the same character training group. Everything was working in our favor, and this friendship that has come from it... really, I cherish our friendship so much.

     I remember meeting you that first day of character training, well, really all you Australians. I just sat there listening to you guys talk with those beautiful accents. Riding in those vans with all you guys, I was so anxious to be friends with you, because you seemed so cool.

     Training week was a good time to chat with you during lunch breaks, but it wasn't until that first 'Character Dinner' that we all got to know each other. Then you and Connor came to visit me while I was hanging out with Donald Duck one day, and you guys asked me what I would do to get revenge on Chip and Dale. I was so flustered! I think I shrugged at you guys, creativity at it's finest.

     Then we made plans to see The Hunger Games, and man, that was so much fun! It amazes me that you remember such little details, like how I said "suck it, Gale!" under my breath, or how I raved about Wetzel's Pretzels, and a few months later you finally tried one because of it.

     Although I hate how I look in this picture,  I love that it represents us perfectly. We had so much fun, all the time, no matter where we were. A late night run to get Ben and Jerry's ice cream, cause it's on sale? Okay! Let's go! I loved that we were spontaneous with stuff like that.

Walmart at 11 PM

     Remember the day I tried Vegemite? And Crystal had you thinking biscuits and gravy were cookies in gravy... oh man. The foods we tried in Florida... good times. Vomit dip, J Dawgs banana boats, s'mores, Cafe Rio, the China pavilion. Geeze, we ate a lot together.

     You know, it was at the China pavilion that I realized how good of a friend you were. We talked about religion, do you remember that? It was really the first time I had ever talked about my religious views with someone who wasn't Mormon, and I remember being so impressed with how accepting and kind you were! No snide comments or rude statements, you asked me honest and sincere questions, which is a perfect reflection on your character. You, Naomi, are the most accepting and generous person I know.

     I remember the day I suggested you should come to Utah after the program ended. When you said you were going to come, I was shocked! Like... Utah. No tourist goes to Utah... but you did! I was so excited to take you out camping, and hiking, and seeing the mountains of Utah. I was so jealous of your hiking ability on the Mt. Timpanogos hike, while I'm huffing and puffing my way up the mountain.

Mt. Timpanogos hike

     We watched Captain America in our tent, and made the traditional camping foods. I had such a good time showing you Utah, and I can't wait for the day that you can show me Australia!

It was Flag Day, so we took a picture

     I love being your pen pall!!! Oh man, every time I get a letter from you, I practically skip to my apartment to open it right away. Seeing that Air Mail sticker on the envelope makes me so stinking giddy. I also love that we have been writing Disney quotes on the back of our envelopes.

     It's good to know that we will forever be Disney friends. I'm so glad I can talk to you about being stuck in the Disney past, and having a hard time moving forward in life.

     I'm sorry this gratitude letter has turned out to be more reminiscent than grateful... gah. When I think about you, I immediately think of all the awesome stuff we did in Florida. Overall, Naomi, I am so stinking grateful to have met you. You have been the one to encourage me to chase after my Disney dreams, and I will never be able to thank you enough.

I love being your friend, and I am so grateful we became so close.



  1. I am pretty much speechless!
    Thank you, Courtney. This means so much.
    I love you! I love being your friend.

    I'll be writing to you again soon!

  2. Ps. Everything happens for a reason!