Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clinical Photo Dump

I've got a nasty sore throat, so to protect the residents
of the nursing home, I wore a mask all day long

Jen and Maddi

Stephanie, AKA The Roommate

Just ordering some medication refills

Celessta and Janelle, our instructor

Stephanie and me up top,
Celessta and Brooke on bottom
Brooke passing meds

I look so cute in a surgical mask, don't I

Discussing something important it seems.
I don't know. I was taking pictures

Stephanie's turn passing meds

Counting narcotics at the end of the shift.
There were 88 pills in that bottle

We were talking about hand washing and the spread of germs.
Janelle's face says it all.
Clinical was good today, pretty average experience, until I got picked to assist a resident with a phone call. Pretty much I sat and held a phone up to her ear so she could talk to her brother in England. But as I sat there, with burning arms hanging in mid air, and a stuffy mask on my face, all I could think about was how that moment right there is the epitome of being a nurse. Putting others ahead of you, so they can heal in whatever way possible. It was a gratifying feeling. Not to mention as she chatted with her brother, she said "this sweet young lady is holding the phone to my ear for me". That's all it took to make all that pain and stuffiness worth it. Made my day, actually.

Over and out

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