Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pondering My Future

I've decided that every month I'm going to answer the same questions for the 2 years i'm earning my R.N. I thought this would be a fun way to get me through nursing school. So here goes!

1. What are you scared of right now?
          Making the wrong life decisions.
2. What have you thought about most today?
3. What did you learn about today in class?
          Heme (blood) and lymph, and the disorders associated with them.
4. What was your most recent test on?
          Caring for the postpartum woman.
5. What is your next test on?
          Oncology and Immunology, on Friday.
6. What was the best part of today?
          Coldstone ice cream with Stephanie, Arthella and Stashia!!!
7. What are you stressed about?
          My medications test in 2 weeks. 
8. What/ who do you miss right now?
             Salt Lake City
9. What did you have for dinner?
              Ummm..... ice cream. Yup, I'm a college student. 
10. What field do you want to work in?

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