Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Dana,

I am so lucky to have you for a sister. Seriously, I am. I didn't feel that way 19 years ago when mom plopped you in my arms. And I especially didn't feel that way when I dragged you under the kitchen table, tucked the chairs in, and told mom I had "put you in a cage". Or that day I threw a Barbie bike at your face. (Though in my defense, you had just pulled the head off my favorite Barbie doll)

But now that I'm 'grown up', I realize how lucky I am to have you as my favorite (okay, only) sister.

You are the one person on this world that I feel completely comfortable discussing every part of my life with. Boys, school, Disney depression, money, boys, love, life, learning, boys. You are so non-judgmental and accepting, there are days when I am so incredibly proud of how mature you are.

You were so hard working in high school, waking up for early morning seminary, and staying at hair school all night long. Watching you work so hard for your dreams encouraged me to keep working for mine. You inspire your older sister, Dana, don't know if you realize that.

My hair. Oh, my hair! Dana, you have magic in those fingers of yours. Ever since you started hair school, my hair has been healthy, soft and oh so pretty. Not to mention it's been all different shades of brown, blonde, and fire hydrant red (scariest few seconds of my life).

The best part about you doing my hair... okay, there are multiple best parts about you doing my hair. But the one I value the most is the time I get to talk with you. We trade stories, laugh, and bond while you work your magic.

Thanks for doing my hair for free. Thanks for not demanding I pay you. I promise to start actually compensating you for your work.

Thanks for playing with my hair so often. I know you hate it. I know you complain that I'm lazy and won't style my own hair. In all reality, I'm just addicted to those magic fingers of yours. They make my hair look so pretty!

Obviously I don't only love you for those magic fingers. I love you, and am so grateful to have you for my sister for a lot of reasons. Example: you let me go with you to the Forgotten Carols last month. You had plans with a friend, then let me go instead. That meant so much to me! And then, you Instagram the cutest pic of us. It's nice to know you're not embarrassed to be around me anymore.

Dana, have I told you how much I love our new sushi tradition? I look forward to it every time I come home. You and me and a few yummy rolls of sushi, it's perfect. I love having that bonding time with my sister, and I'm so happy you love it too.

I'm so proud of you, Dana, and I love being your sister. I love chatting with you, hanging with you, and sharing sisterly secrets. It's hard for me to spend a lot of time away from our family, and it makes me feel so good to hear you say you like having me home. And those messages on Facebook when I was in Florida telling me you missed me, it was like you hugged me from the other side of the United States.

I'm glad we can Skype each other for hours, and hang out without getting sick of each other.

Every time you post on my Facebook, or Instagram a pic of the two of us it's a reminder that I'm doing okay as a big sis. I hope you know how much I love you and appreciate the stuff you do for me. You are kind, smart and funny; I'm so excited to see where life takes you. I know you've got big things in store!

Happy 19th birthday, girl! I love you, and am so grateful to be your sister!

Much love


  1. Hi Dana!

    Courtney, this was beautiful to read!

  2. You two girls got me crying this morning. Courtney!! What a wonderful post to your sweet sister! Love you both tons!!