Thursday, December 27, 2012

{why do i worry}

With Bri's engagement, and my Pinterest blowing up with wedding ideas from my trillion okay, handful of engaged friends, I've had my future husband on my mind an awful lot. 
I'm 21 for Pete's sake. This shouldn't be freaking me out so much, but I won't lie about how much it worries me. I know he's out there; I know I'm not meant to live alone the rest of my life. 

After work today I was unpacking my stuff and finding places to put my new Christmas gifts, when I opened up the binder from the 2 years I wrote Elder Green. Tucked in the back was, well, a very sweet love letter  chronicling our 2 years together. 
As I read that letter with a smile on my face I realized there's no reason to be worried right now. I have been promised an amazing husband, an amazing love story. Reading that letter, and reflecting on what a good relationship Chris and I had reassured me that Heavenly Father really does have the perfect guy waiting in the wings for me.
Don't know when I'll meet him.
Or where.
But I'm going to meet him. 

So sorry, dear readers, about this ridiculous post about some future husband.
But it's nice to get these thoughts out of my head and onto paper. Er- internet.

Hopefully this blog can start focusing on medical things. Hahaha.

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