Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When To Move On?

Yup. The post I've been forming in my head for the past few months is coming to fruition. And I realize this post will only reach the two people I know who actually read this blog. Kinda depressing knowing my own mother doesn't even check this blog out...
I digress.

Since moving to Price, I've fought the unhappiness inside my heart. I rationalized with myself that it took me 3 years to get into a nursing program, why on earth would I leave it?
Well, maybe because my Big City soul is decaying in this tiny town?
Or because I don't feel happy in the tiny hospital I do clinicals in?
Or maybe even because I don't feel challenged in this program. There are days I wonder if I'm learning the stuff i need to know to pass the NCLEX.
Not to mention my lack of friendships down here,
and the fact that every time I go home I seriously contemplate moving back in... 
which should be a huge red flag.

So yes. I will be applying to other nursing programs come January. 
Of course I'll still apply here in Price, It's only an additional year, I can suck it up, right?

It's just sad because I think back to this moment, when I completely lost my marbles with excitement to be accepted to this program. And now I'm here... and I'd give anything to be back in Florida.
Obviously I'm insane. Something needs to change.

So it's back into the stressful (and expensive) world of applications I go.
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to apps I go.

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