Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I.... did it!


My first legit semester of nursing school is over! 71 beautiful orange X's through the most... interesting semester of my life.
How did I do on my finals, you ask? Best of the class. Pummeled them. Rocked em. Aced both of them. You know what? I may not have been the top of my class, and maybe that pharmacology final wasn't a beautiful, gleaming A, but it did turn out to be a beautiful A-! I did well. That's all I particularly care about. I am continuing on in this program, and that, right there, is an accomplishment not every nursing student can boast.
Not every nursing student graduates.
But I'm not gonna be one of em.

No sir. I'm gonna get my R.N.

Courtney Brown, R.N.

I've got 3 more semesters until I reach that goal. THREE SEMESTERS. It's strangely frightening, knowing in 3 more semesters I'll learn everything I need to know to protect and care for people's lives. But I know I can do it.
And I've got a frickin fantastic support system behind me.

So thank you to my friends and family, and thank you to USU- Eastern for accepting me to be in this program. I may not like Price, but I sure like saying "oh, I'm in nursing school".
Best feeling ever.


P.S. happy 12/12/12!

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