Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 Clinicals Later...

Today was my last clinical for the semester, and I'm having mixed feelings.
Clinicals have been wonderful, because I'm applying what I learn, and I can see my actions having an effect on my patients. I get to watch the nurses chat with each other, and manage patient care. It's nice to move about, instead of sit still for 4 hours in a classroom.

But at the same time, these clinicals have been pretty, well, dull honestly. The patient's don't have thrilling diagnoses or have tons of holes in their bodies. In fact, none of my patients have even had a catheter. So I'm looking forward to next semester, where we do rotations in OR, ER and community health. Though I won't lie.. I'm a titch concerned about passing out in OR or ER... or both. Gulp.

Something clinicals has made me realize? I really like working with the little kids. Which, considering my babysitting past, shouldn't surprise me. I knew there's a pediatric floor, this isn't news to me, but when it really dawned on me that I could do peds... It was like this light bulb went off in my head. So now i'm adding peds to the list of possibilities, and wondering where I'll eventually end up.

Certainly not med/surge though, that's for sure.


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