Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why Do I Do These Things?

Guess what ya'll! It's.......


And I'm dying.

It's only day 10, and I'm already wishing it were December already.
It's a good thing really, get me to cut back on my sweet tooth and focus on eating good snacks, like pineapple and strawberries (gotta have my sugar somewhere) instead of chocolate chips and Pudding Cups.
It's like everyone knows i'm subjecting myself to this. 
There are 3 delicious looking chocolate chip cookies that Steph made sitting in the kitchen. 
I have a leftover bag of starbursts from Halloween.
My Pinterest peeps are killing me with dessert recipes.
There were chocolate baked goods around every corner at Wal Mart yesterday.
I have 2 different varieties of chocolate chips staring at me from the pantry.
And worse of all... Stephanie has chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream sitting in the freezer.
It calls me every time I open the door.
I better loose some weight this month.


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