Friday, November 30, 2012

Pondering My Future

I've decided that every month I'm going to answer the same questions for the 2 years i'm earning my R.N. I thought this would be a fun way to get me through nursing school. So here goes!

1. What are you scared of right now?
              Finals in 2 weeks. Gulp.
2. What have you thought about most today?
             My Disney roommates. And finals. 
3. What did you learn about today in class?
              Endocrine glands in Pharmacology and pediatric mental health in 1020.
4. What was your most recent test on?
              Pharmacology today, drugs affecting the CNS and nutrition and elimination.
5. What is your next test on?
              Nursing Fundamentals next Wednesday.
6. What was the best part of today?
              Walking out of the testing center after passing my Pharmacology test.
7. What are you stressed about?
              Making it through the nursing program without becoming a legit hermit.
8. What/ who do you miss right now?
              Leslie, Naomi, Chelsea, Lindsey, Heather, Briana and Brianna.
9. What did you have for dinner?
              Spaghetti and marinara sauce. Yum. Me love pasta.
10. What field do you want to work in?
              Oncology or a WDW park nurse.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

{when plans go differently than expected}

Sometimes we come up with amazing, wonderful plans, that give us joy and hope for the future. Sometimes those plans don't go the way we anticipated them to.

No, I'm not talking about my plans, I'm talking about my friend, David Zahm's.

He left on a mission In October. He is now home.

And I learned an amazing lesson from him because of that.

He was wondering why Heavenly Father would call him on a mission, just to send him home a few weeks after entering the MTC, and while we were talking, I realized something.

Sometimes Heavenly Father wants to see if you have the Faith to step out of the boat.

What the heck am I talking about? Let me refresh your biblical memory. One day, Peter, James, John and a few others were fishing in a boat. In the middle of a body of water. And Jesus Christ was walking on water near them. Peter, with extreme faith in the Lord, stepped out of the boat and took a few steps on water. Granted, fear took over and he started to sink, which is when Christ stepped in and took his hand.

So let me restate my realization.

Sometimes Heavenly Father wants to see if you have the Faith to step out of the boat.

Peter had the faith that he could walk to his Lord, on top of water. He had enough faith to throw his legs over the boat and stand.

David Zahm had the faith to step out of the boat. And when I say step out of the boat, he more like jumped out of the boat. He left at 21 years old, which is the age guys are when the return from a mission. He left a thriving business, siblings that were going to be moving to other states (and by that I mean Hawaii), friends, and a really good productive life.

So yeah, he's home. And he'll probably pop up in future posts. And I'm not gonna give details into a life that isn't mine. But know this:

Some boys serve missions to gain a testimony. To figure out who they are. To mature, learn to fend for themselves. To gain a true love for the Gospel. David's already got all of that. So yeah, he didn't serve a full mission, but he's just as great, if not more great than most of the guys who serve missions cause they 'have to'.

So welcome home David. I'm sorry you have to deal with people who will say rude condescending things to you about your mission. I'm sorry you live in Utah, home of some seriously judgmental 'holier than thou' people. But in the long run, I'm not sorry about you not serving a full 2 years. You left on a mission. You served. That's all that should ever matter.

Welcome home :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Post for a Pin

Seriously. That's the only reason for this post. So I could pin this to Pinterest. Photographer is Sydnee Palmer Mecham. Never met her or the couple in the photo, but I saw this and instantly fell in love. Hope the love birds don't mind, and the photographer is flattered that I love her idea soooooo much.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why Do I Do These Things?

Guess what ya'll! It's.......


And I'm dying.

It's only day 10, and I'm already wishing it were December already.
It's a good thing really, get me to cut back on my sweet tooth and focus on eating good snacks, like pineapple and strawberries (gotta have my sugar somewhere) instead of chocolate chips and Pudding Cups.
It's like everyone knows i'm subjecting myself to this. 
There are 3 delicious looking chocolate chip cookies that Steph made sitting in the kitchen. 
I have a leftover bag of starbursts from Halloween.
My Pinterest peeps are killing me with dessert recipes.
There were chocolate baked goods around every corner at Wal Mart yesterday.
I have 2 different varieties of chocolate chips staring at me from the pantry.
And worse of all... Stephanie has chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream sitting in the freezer.
It calls me every time I open the door.
I better loose some weight this month.