Monday, October 22, 2012

Apartment Tour Anyone?!

Yay!! Apartment tour!!

A dark picture of our dining table

Love my dishwasher. Makes for a lazy nursing student

Overall a really great sized kitchen for the price
I had a picnic on this deck a few months ago. ...memories
Stephanie's uber comfy couch

My great grandma's rocker and lamp.
Our living room would look so bare without all of Steph's furniture

Our crazy linen closet. Name something
random and chances are it'll be in there.

Our bathroom looks like it's fit for a 4 year old.
Whatever, I think it's cute.
Huh. The sink actually looks clean. Amazing.
How cute is my room?

My study area

my prep area in the left corner

My personality corner

I love the size of my closet. Love it.
I made these drapes out of a shower curtain!

I spend most of my time in this corner of my house.
Well people, that's it! Of course, Stephanie has her room, and it's located in between the linen closet and the bathroom. It's a really great place, I kinda wish I could pick it up and move it to wherever I move after nursing school. Love how cozy the place is, though I would love to paint the walls and nix the dark wood everywhere. Eh, renter's can't be choosers.

Thanks for going on a tour with me, though really it was for me so I can reminisce in a few years once I've left Price in my dust.


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  1. Your house looks super cute. Much better than Chatham Square! Though I do miss that place <3