Monday, September 24, 2012

The Snugly Duckling

Today was clinical #2. I forgot my watch, and had the hardest time getting out of bed.
On the way over I realized in a few months, my clinicals will be at 5:45 A.M. Shudder.
But after getting there, and standing around for a half hour, we were released to do the
stuff we needed to get done, and for me, that was interview one of the residents there.
I was worried she wouldn't give me good answers to the dozens of questions I had to 
ask for my assignment. She was great, and I easily answered all the questions, and then
some. It was a lot of fun to listen to all her stories, she even made me cry a bit, and of 
course we laughed together too. The paper's written and turned in, hopefully I get full 
points on it. After that assessment was finished, I didn't really know what else to do,
there weren't any call lights to take care of, and all the residents were at lunch, or just
about at lunch. So thus began the duckling parade. We all wear blue scrub tops (that 
button up, how weird is that) and khaki pants, and I've noticed all six of us students will
stand in the same position, feet together, hands in front, with one hand grasping the other
wrist. It's like we all subconsciously know to stand the same way, one of the nurses saw
it today, she looked at all of us, turned back to her patient, then turned back to us with
this look like, 'are you all seriously standing the same way?' I find it sort of numerous.
Not only do we all stand the same, we also follow each other around during the dull
moments, and we look like a sea of blue and khaki. The CNA's there giggle sometimes
when we walk by in that group. Overall, clinicals have been slightly frustrating thus far.
Today our clinical instructor encouraged us to use our blood pressure cuffs as much
as possible to get used to reading them accurately. Later when the nurse pulled out a 
glucometer and asked which one of us wanted to get a blood glucose reading, almost
all of my fellow students got this look like, 'you want me to poke a patient and draw 
BLOOD?' I had to laugh internally, then volunteered, and did the procedure while they
all watched (and took notes). I am so grateful for the experience I had working as a 
medical assistant, yet at the same time, it's made clinicals less exciting and a little on
the tedious side sometimes. I'm so looking forward to when we start learning new-to
-me information.That's when this will become challenging and a lot more fun, I love a 
good challenge. I'm grateful every single day to finally be in nursing school, working
towards the goal I've had all my life. R.N, here I come! Finding joy in the journey. 


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