Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Laborious Day

My Labor Day was filled with anything but labor. (Thank Heavens!)

I drove home on Sunday night after church and spent the night with my family. Then, bright and early Monday morning, I picked up my friend, David, and we headed up to Utah State University so I could meet up with old friends.

David was kind enough to drive, and seeing as I had a test Tuesday, I took advantage of the time to study while David hummed to the radio.

Once we got to Logan, we headed to Reeder Hall, where Chris lives and met up with my guy friends Eric, Sal and Brinton.

We ate at Firehouse Pizzeria, which is my absolute favorite place to eat in the entire planet. We all split some pizzas and the Logan-famous FH'zookie for dessert.

And, before David and I left, we walked around campus, stared at 2 new buildings that were built since I graduated, and took some pictures on the ever famous Aggie A.

It was so incredibly good to see my guys again! It had been almost 2 years since seeing Sal and Eric, and I hadn't seen Brinton since High School. I'm so lucky I got to spend my holiday with 5 amazing, funny, awesome guys.


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