Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tink Gets Some Much Needed Love

I went to Walmart today to get some distilled water and Command Hooks. I walked out with a craft project.(and distilled water and Command Hooks too).

So I walked out with:
     a bajillion paint strips
     3 large paint chips
     2 8 X10 canvases
     yellow paint
     3 sponge brushes

I have a good sized collection of TinkerBell pins from over the years and past boyfriends. I realized when I was unpacking my stuff that I would really love to make them into some sort of art display. I didn't know how, but I knew I did NOT want to pull the posts off the back of my pins.

I thought maybe I could stick a block of foam in a shadow box, but canvas hadn't occurred to me until I was in Walmart browsing around. So I went for it. And I snatched a pretty yellow color to paint the canvas as well.

So I ran home and got to work.

first off, I laid out my pins, then stuck them into a sheet of paper for a template.

I painted my canvas and let it dry for 2 hours

Then I flipped over my template, pulled the backs off my pins and marked which holes NOT to use with an x

Then I trimmed my template to fit in the wood frame of the canvas and used a metallic blue pen to show me where to poke.

I took a safety pin and poked away, and then put in my Tink pins, and secured the cute little Mickey backs.

And the finished product...

I left space for future pins that will inevitably join my collection. I wish the lighting would be better, but hey, I  live in an apartment that mostly relies off of natural light. So now I've got my pins to display, and if I wake up tomorrow and hate it, I can pull the pins off, put them back in a box, and do something else with the canvas.


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