Monday, July 9, 2012

The Superhero

I am now officially a resident of Price, UT.  Stay tuned for a post about it coming soon!

Anyway, this post isn't about me... It's about my mom.

When we opened the door to my apartment at about 1 pm on Saturday, my mom immediately noticed the dirt.  I was obvious because I was so excited to start filling it with my stuff, but my observant mom knew better.  She ran to the store and bought me 60 bucks worth of cleaning stuff and went to work. Dad helped out for a few hours, but eventually he and Nate headed home. 
Mom kept cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning. I am so grateful that she did.  Take the kitchen floor for example, she moped it, and 10 squeezes later the mop was still leaking brown water. That's DISGUSTING. The kitchen was covered in grease, everywhere we cleaned. The previous tennant must have deep-fried all his food. Yuck.

Mom slept over and continued to clean the apartment on Sunday while I went to singles ward for my first time. She stayed ALL DAY.  In fact she had to rush out the door at 8:35 ish so she could make a return to Kmart in time.

My apartment looks so much better with (almost) everything clean.  Now I've had time to start putting my stuff around the place, and I am loving it.

Thanks mom!  You are awesome!


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  1. Awwww, that was such a sweet post!! I loved every minute of our time together!! It kinda felt like it was OUR apartment, huh?! I had such a great time helping you move in. I can't wait until everything is in its place and all decorated. It will be awesome!!

    P.S. Does Bloggger have an automatic spell checker because I think it switched this word..... obvious (oblivious) ;-)

    Love you!!!! XOXOXOX