Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{the sands of time}

Ahh! It's been forever since a post!

Since getting home from FL, I've been incredibly busy. Renewing drivers licences, getting background checks started, buying books, looking for an apartment, wondering what to do about a car. It's been craaaazy up in my brain.

I'm still torn on a car, and really scared to buy one from some random Joe off the street. But then I go to a car dealership, give them my price point, and they put me in cars that are thousands higher than what I'm willing to spend. It's frustrating to say the least

I'm almost the owner of a nice 2 bedroom apartment in Price, but the realitor lady hasn't called me with info, and I might not have the apartment until later in July, which is disappointing.

The job I hoped the bag hasn't contacted me in over a week. So tomorrow I have to call and bug them about it. Joy.

Being an adult is hard, stop wishing to grow up, kiddies.


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