Thursday, June 21, 2012

Naomi Goes To SLC

My awesome Aussie friend, Naomi spent a week with me around the wonderful state of Utah. 
We hung out in St. George, with another Disney friend, Crystal, and her grandma.
We hiked, a ton. Took lots of pictures, and ate really good food.

I also tried something completely new while in St. George. It's called skim boarding. 
Basically, you run in shallow water with a small thin board, throw it onto the water, and jump on the board. 
Some of the guys who taught me how to do it were AMAZING and rode forever on the board. 
I made multiple attempts and got nowhere. Oh well. It was lots of fun regardless.

After that bit of the trip, my family and I took Naomi on her very first camping trip in Draper.

We also hiked Mt. Timpanogos and had Naomi's first experiences with J. Dawgs and Cafe Rio.


I'm so glad Naomi decided to listen to my pestering and begging to come to Utah. Now she's adventuring in Vegas and then she's on her way back home to Australia.

Thanks for coming, Naomi!  My family already misses you!
I'll see you in Australia next June!

G'day mate!
~ Courtney

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