Monday, June 4, 2012

My Sister, the Genius

After spending 5 months tucking my hair into sloppy buns and up in wig caps, my hair was in desperate need of a rehaul.  As luck would have it, my little sister, Dana, passed her boards last week, and is now an official cosmetologist. I took full advantage of her Magic Touch and let her have full reign of my mess of hair.
                          Can you see how my hair changes colors?!  I was soooo sick of it.

So, the day I landed in Utah, Dana and I set of on an epic adventure to regain control of my hair.  Dana picked the hair color, and I showed her the style I wanted.  Off to work she went, and I LOVE the results!

And now for the best part!

such a big difference!

Thanks so much, Dana-Bana!!!!


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