Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ello! I'm Merida!

So, the newest Disney - Pixar movie to come out is Brave, and I'm way to excited for it!

The original release date was in May, so I was really looking forward to watching it here in Florida, but the date was moved to June 22nd, so I'll be home by then, unfortunately.

Remember this post from last month? Well, I was doing all that super greeting so Disney could prepare for the arrival of Brave's heroine, Merida.

I've been DYING to meet her! I've also been dying to run my fingers through her wig... but you'll see why in a second.
It's soooooo gorgeous and long and curly! It also makes the wanna-be red head in me green with envy.

She speaks with the cutest little Scottish accent, and was so nice to Emilee, Juliet, Becca and me.

I had just gotten off work, don't judge.
While waiting to meet her, you can color and shoot a bow and arrow, which was awesome, btw.

Merida has three little black bears hanging out behind her, and I think we all had more fun interacting with the bears than we did with Merida.

They move, chuckle, blink and smile. It's really adorable.  (Rumor is they are her triplet little brothers under a spell, can't wait for the movie to see!)



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