Friday, April 13, 2012

Traditions Mickey

On my first official day as a Disney Cast Member, we spent many, many hours in a wonderful hooplah of boredom called Traditions. There were a few great moments, like when I took my first steps onto Magic Kingdom ground, received my name tag, and when Mickey Mouse himself walked into our classroom and spent a few minutes with us.

Today, I was that Mickey.

I had such a blast handing out little figurines to new cast members, gave a few hugs, a lot of high fives, and made about 50 middle age men and women smile, cry and laugh.  But mostly smile. I did one ten minute set and then went and sat in the break room for the rest of my spare shift.

Getting paid to do nothing is also a nice perk of this job.

On my way home, I realized that while I spent my day welcoming people to their new job, my bestest friend, Leslie, was on a plane home to Utah.

Leslie, you've been gone for only a few hours, and I already miss you. I'll see you in June


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