Sunday, April 15, 2012

Super Greet

Being a character means my name tag, and my face, never see the light of day while at work.

Because of that, I made the goal to get both my face and name tag seen before going home.  I had plans to pick up an extra shift at some eating establishment, but I was worried about getting lost in the tunnels, and not doing well at the assignment I would be given.

Today, I got to show my face and name tag in a comfortable setting that allowed for a lot of guest interactions.
Today, I super greeted.  Here's me in my shiny attendant uniform.
The pants didn't fit me well at all. I tried to grab them as fast as possible, so they were way too long on the leg and hit me well above my belly button.

Anyway, back to my story.  Rapunzel moved meet and greet locations last night, so I stood out in front of her old location, and directed guests to her new area.  It was so fun actually talking to people, wishing them happy birthday, and having my face seen.  I loved that cute guys checked me out, and polite guests thanked me by name.

It was such a fun shift!

Look how purdy my name tag looks on that blue shirt!

Special thanks to cosmetology who provided me with make up, and even went as far as to mix some foundation for me to match my ivory skin color!



  1. Court- You are leaning over to not seem as awkwardly tall next to a fully grown person in a picture! Even with your leaning over you are still taller than her. Congrats! You can now cross that off your bucket list, as it is probably never going to happen again! <3 Bri

    1. She's Friends With Tink, so she has to be short. :D