Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Day My Life Changed

Yes, that's right, my life changed on April 4, 2012.

For my sake, I'm just going to put the entire story here, so I can read this again and again for the rest of my life.

Wednesday afternoon I was working Minnie Mouse at Magic Kingdom, when I got a text from my mom.  She asked me what my work schedule was for the day, and that I should call her once I was home, no matter how late that was.  That last bit is what tipped me off to the possibility that she had just pulled another nursing letter from the mailbox.

I called her and asked her to just open up the dang letter so I could stop dwelling on it during work. She refused, so I had to finish up the last 6 hours of work before I would find out what the letter said.

By the time I got home, I had convinced myself it was another rejectance (DATC said no 2 weeks earlier, and USU had said no even earlier than that). I spent the entire bus ride home praying to Heavenly Father saying "I know no amount of prayer can change the ink on that letter, so please, if it's a no, show me what you want me to do with my life."  I came home to an almost empty apartment and called my mom. She had decided during the day to Skype opening the letter, and I told her I really didn't want to cry in front of her, I was that convinced that it was a no.

So she won the argument and in a few minutes, I had my laptop on and my webcam plugged in.  We had some issues getting the cameras up and running, but before I knew it, she was opening the envelope from CEU.

Here's how the conversation went:

Mom: "Dear Courtney, we are thrilled"
Me:  starts hysterically crying
Mom: "to inform you of your acceptance to Utah State University; College of Eastern Utah's nursing program.
Me: throw my hands in front of my face and loose my marbles.

mom finished reading the letter, but I was too consumed with happy hysterics to even pay attention.  I posted my acceptance on Facebook, and the congrats started flowing in.  Three of my wonderful roommates came in to congratulate me personally, and I got a bunch of texts from friends and family at home.  My mom and I three way called my dad, sister and brother who were down in St. George for Spring break, so I could tell them the news.

The next day, my roommate Briana surprised me with this congrats cake

So now I'm looking for housing in Price, and I am soooooooooo ready for this next chapter of my life to begin!

The scriptures say that you have to taste the bitter to enjoy the sweet, and boy, have I tasted the bitter, and I'm so enjoying the sweet!

After 2.5 years of school, and 4 rejectance letters, this yes means the world to me.


P.S. stay tuned for my new blog title coming soon!!!!!!!

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