Sunday, March 4, 2012

Here piggy, piggy, Piglet!

One of the few places you can find Piglet is at Crystal Palace Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom.  I've been friends with Piglet for the past two days, and I can honestly say, Piglet is no fun. Honestly, his vision sucks, his mouth ripped up my chin, he's crazy sweaty and to top it off, he has no depth perception.

Not to mention Crystal Palace is a confusing mess of tables, mirrors and poles. Character dining has been very straightforward and easy for me so far, but Crystal just killed me! I couldn't understand table rotation, and my attendants had to baby me during every set. Fortunately for me, Piglet is a timid character, so having grown men holding Piglet's hand all day long was semi acceptable. Whenever I lost my attendant, i would get immediately lost, not know what direction i'm supposed to be going, and which tables i have actually seen.

I don't swear. I never have, I never will. But today, I came soooo close to swearing multiple times. I would somehow manage to get myself stuck in a corner, and with Piglet's crummy vision, I wouldn't be able to find a way out. I would have to turn in circles for minutes on end until my attendant would come to my rescue.

All in all, today and yesterday's shifts have been my least favorite shifts to date.

Lucky for me, I was disapproved as Piglet because of that whole Piglet's mouth shredded up my chin and lips. The Magic Kingdom costuming manager came in today and had me try on every single Piglet head they have, and every one had the same problem. My chin and lips are just too big for his head. So i am officially disapproved, meaning I will never be scheduled as Piglet again. (hopefully) Which means I won't ever have to work at Crystal Palace again!


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