Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good, Good Life

I have the firm belief that every day here is a very good day, regardless of what I do. Yesterday is probably the 'goodest' day I've had here to date.  Leslie and I both had the day off, which is a rare occassion, let me tell you.
We went to EPCOT and checked off quite a few things from our list of things to do together.

Here's a photographic breakdown of our epic day

  I finally ate Fish 'N Chips at the United Kingdom Pavilion (minus the chips, saved 2 dollars)

Were they the most amazing battered fish fillets I've ever had? No. But they were yummy none the less, and I ate every single bit of them.

  Leslie, Jenna and I met Mary Poppins!  Unfortunately her eyes are closed in every single picture. Oh well. She was wonderful and I loved her British accent.

   We finally got around to doing a Kim Possible Mission. We picked the UK mission for the sole purpose of getting a golf ball from inside a red telephone booth.  Here's a shot of each of us with our Kimmunicator that Wade talked to us through.

  Leslie and I met Aladdin and Jasmine, and Belle and the Beast. Check four more characters off my to meet list!

   We explored the Japan Pavilion where we both tried on beautiful silk Kimonos.  I came this close (holds thumb and pointer finger very close to each other) to buying the one I had on, but $87 is kinda pricey, so I decided against it

  We had a flash back to our high school years, and had a random photo session.  Such memories.

  We had the No Way Jose Sunday that is famously popular among College Progammers. It's served at Beaches N' Cream, the cutest little ice cream shop located in the Beach Resort.

 It was yummy. Melted peanut butter, hot fudge, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, whipped cream. Yes please.
 Here are our sick faces afterwards. Eat too much? Maybe a little.

Great day, right?


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