Sunday, March 11, 2012

China, Anyone?

Due to technical difficulties, I have to write my entry down here, as opposed to at the top like I usually do.

Kiara and I spent the evening in China at EPCOT.  We had amazing seats to the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats Show, where the girl in pink turned herself into an octopus, and the girl in yellow managed to twirl massive pillows AND flip a table around using her feet.  Chinese people are amazing.

Then we spent quite a while in the China shops. Kiara and I attempted spinning plates on sticks. I came really close, but Kiara successfully did it. In that picture, the plate is spinning really fast, even though it looks like it's just sitting there.

Not to mention the Chinese' obsession with fat cats. That gave me quite a few giggles.

The next day, my friend Naomi and I went and ate at the China quick service. She has all the pictures, as I forgot my camera.  We both ordered orange chicken, and let me tell you, best orange chicken I've ever had outside of Panda Express.  Panda holds a dear spot in my heart. Love them.

EPCOT is quickly becoming my favorite park. It's so fun to explore all the different architectural designs and see the performers in each pavilion.


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