Monday, February 13, 2012


Once upon a time, Disney was all into pin trading. They realized that not many people were trading pins, because they would buy pins they wanted, and didn't give away those pins for something else.
I was one of those people. I bought every single Tinkerbell pin out there, and never traded a single one.  Why would I when I liked what I already had?

So then Disney came out with Vinylmations. The twist with this was they came in a completely covered box. You had no idea which Vinylmation you were buying. Disney did this in hopes that people would trade them more than the pins were traded. Of course, some Vinylmations have a clear window in front so you know what you're buying there.

At first I didn't get them. I still don't completely get them. I hate buying things that I can't physically see. That's why I don't shop online. I'm a tangible person when it comes to shopping.

But on my first or second day of Character training, someone mentioned that people will buy the blank Vinylmations and have characters sign them. Once that idea got in my head, I could not get rid of it. So before my 40% cast discount expired, I caved and bought a mauve colored blank Vinylmation.

Here's what I (and Connor) have done to it.

I love it! There is still obvious spaces left that I will have to fill later. I am still debating if I am going to stick with fur characters, or expand into some face characters. Obviously I am not friends with some of these characters, but my new performer friends are friends with these characters, so they made it onto the Mickey.

We will see if I trust face characters enough to sign it. I've got 4 months to make up my mind...


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